I wanted my first blog to be something genuine and honest. I was having a hard time deciding what to write about. Then, it came to me after watching the video I posted on this website, https://youtu.be/o_WjKQLtNEQ. After watching the video, I found myself feeling exposed and vulnerable. I started picking the video apart,"I sound too serious, I am blinking too much, and it is not perfect." I debated all day and night if I should post it. Then, I realized feeling vulnerable and exposed is what therapy is all about.

How can I ask clients to take the risk of being vulnerable, if I am unwilling to take the risk myself. I thought about re-doing the video but this video was MY BEST. I worked really hard to get past my nerves, and make it through one video without totally messing it up.

Thus, I CHOSE to be proud of the video and I posted it. I CHOSE to stop over analyzing it. I CHOSE to be VULNERABLE. 

Starting your own therapy can feel vulnerable and scary, but the risk is a journey that you will forever cherish. Vulnerability is where potential growth is posssible. The value of engaging in therapy is having someone to walk the journey with you. Therapy is an opportunity to challenge your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is an opportunity to see and do things differently. 

Be vulnerable,

Dr. Samantha Short