"The path of the Warrior is life long and mastery is often simply staying on the path."
- Richard Heckler

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I have worked with a wide range of people on a number of different issues. The majority has been depression and anxiety, but I have helped people with various mental health challenges that people face. In working with anyone, my main focus is on seeing the issue from their perspective and helping them overcome it or develop ways of coping. In seeking out therapy, for most people, there is a fear of engaging in it. A person that is able to start, participate, and finish therapy are brave people.

Therapy is work. As I mentioned, it is for the brave, those people who want to see change. It is something that is also enjoyable. The truth is that change is not always easy, but I take pride in being able to work with people in a way that takes out the fear and help them do what they want so that they feel that sense of accomplishment.

Life is difficult and it gets messy. There is something special about a professional relationship that is focused on you and your goals. We naturally want to look for meaning in the things that happen to us. When we are lucky, we learn from it and move on, but there are times we also get stuck. Give me the chance to meet you where you are and help.